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  • Master Horn Charts

  • Single staff, "like the record" transcriptions.

    Each song ($10) comes with 4 PDFs.

    1. Concert treble clef (flute, keyboard, etc.)

    2. Concert bass clef (trombone, etc.)

    3. Bb (trumpet, soprano/tenor saxes, etc.)

    4. Eb (alto/bari saxes).

    Select the songs you want, enter your email and any message you want. Including any change of key you need.

    I usually respond within hours. I'll email you the PDFs and a PayPal link for payment.

    I also have some Master Rhythm parts to match the horns as indicated with (R). $20 for both Horns & Rhythm. In the message area indicate you want the rhythm parts.

    If you don't see the song you want, email me, I might have it.

  • List updated 3/5/2015

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Transcriptions: Typical Pop R&B tune- 3 horns for $30, Master Rhythm $30.
Click for orders and transcription quotes.

Transcriptions for educational purposes only.

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"Blue Confluence" is a new CD from Australian Jazz singer
Ingrid James and the San Gabriel 7.