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  • Master Horn Charts

  • Single staff, "like the record" transcriptions.

    Each song ($10) comes with 4 PDFs.

    1. Concert treble clef (flute, keyboard, etc.)

    2. Concert bass clef (trombone, etc.)

    3. Bb (trumpet, soprano/tenor saxes, etc.)

    4. Eb (alto/bari saxes).

    "Cut The Cake" Master Horn Example

    Select the songs you want, enter your email and any message you want. Including any change of key you need. (No charge for key changes)

    I usually respond within hours. I'll email you the PDFs and a PayPal link for payment.

    I also have some Master Rhythm parts to match the horns as indicated with (R). $20 for both Horns & Rhythm. In the message area indicate you want the rhythm parts.

    If you don't see the song you want, email me, I might have it.

    If I don't have it, I can transcribe 3 horns for $30 and a Master Rhythm for $30 for the typical Pop/R&B song. I will need a MP3 or YouTube link.

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    A few guests have mentioned a script delaying the webpage. If that happens to you, email directly.


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Transcriptions: Typical Pop R&B tune- 3 horns for $30, Master Rhythm $30.
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Transcriptions for educational purposes only.

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