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Horn Charts

$10 Single staff "master" horn charts, concert and transposed into Bb, Eb and bass clef. (pdf format)

After years of both playing casuals and sending bands out for casuals and being concerned that the horn section had music I came upon the idea of Master Horn Charts. The size of the horn sections I played in varied from gig to gig, or more accurately, from client's budget to clients' budget. With Master Horn Charts, the size of the horn section can freely change. Anything from 1 horn to big band can play these.

The most common tunes played at weddings, parties, etc. Both single notes and harmony as needed. Sometimes string and "ooh & ah" background vocal lines have been added when the horns aren't playing. Vocal word cues at the beginning of each section.

Dancing In The Street
Cut The Cake
All Night Long

Rhythm transcriptions available.
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Complete Band Arrangements

  • $25 6 Horns & Rhythm - Casual
    Music for weddings, dances, etc. All arrangements voiced out for this size band. Big band hits like the record & Standards.

  • $25 3 Horn & Rhythm - Casual
    Music for weddings dances, etc.

  • $25 6 Horns & Rhythm - Hip
    Tom Scott, Pat Williams, YellowJackets, etc. High fast & loud.

  • $25 3 Horns & Rhythm - Hip
    Tom Scott, Pat Williams, YellowJackets, etc.

  • $50 Christmas Brass Quartet Book
    2 Trumpets & 2 Trombones. (Trombone 1 opt. Tenor Sax) 50 songs in various styles: Classical, Swing, Rock, Pop

  • $25 Super Trumpets
    Famous trumpet solos by Clifford Brown, Fats Navvaro, Miles Davis, etc. harmonized for a trumpet section with Rhythm section.
Transcriptions for educational purposes only.
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